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In today’s business world accepting payment for goods and services can be more complicated than ever, but with eCashflow Services it doesn’t need to be. For businesses large and small we offer a wide variety of services tailored to fit your business strategies, improve efficiency and increase your cash flow.

Prearranged payment and deposits or PPD transactions are becoming a preferred method of both recurring and one time payments  NACHA reports a 5% increase in prearranged payments between the first quarters of 2013 and 2014

“December 05, 2014, Retail industry employment increased by 37,000 jobs in November, the National Retail Federation said today. Consistent with seasonal hiring patterns, employment gains were seen in most retail categories, including a marked increase of 11,300 jobs in clothing and clothing accessories stores. NRF does not include automobile dealerships, gasoline stations or restaurants in its calculations.”

Source: National Retail Federation

eCashflow Services

“NACHA and the ACH Network are at the center of American commerce, moving almost $39 trillion each year. That’s made up of nearly 22 billion electronic financial transactions, including Direct Deposit via ACH, Social Security and government benefits, electronic bill payments such as utility and mortgage payments, and person-to-person (P2P) and business-to-business (B2B) payments.”

Source: NACHA  

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