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Learn More About PingPay with eCashflow

What is PingPay technology?

Answer:  Think of how an ATM works. You insert your card, type a pin number, and choose an amount. Press Enter, the ATM pings the bank account and if the funds are present, it pays you cash on the spot.

PingPay is similar.   eCashflow's advanced software system uses proprietary algorithms to ping the NSF payment account.  When enough funds to clear the NSF item are present, the software delivers the funds at 100% to your bank account.

What is the cost to use PingPay technology?

Answer:   Since eCashflow Services is not a collection agency, the PingPay electronic collection is totally free for our Clients.

Answer:  After a successful recovery of NSF funds, a small fee is charged to the NSF account holder. No fees are charged to our Clients.

How does eCashflow earn revenue?

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How quickly are funds collected?

Answer:  Up to 80% of NSF items are collected in about one to three weeks.  If funds are never present to be collected or the account is closed, the item is returned to our Client for normal collection process.

How do I sign up for the PingPay Service and what are the Terms?

Click on the signup button, complete the form and submit.  You will receive a welcome packet from eCashflow and a customer service number for any questions. Recovery of NSF items begins immediately when eCashflow receives them.